Explorers in HLS

Explorers play a huge role in our district and there are lots of different explorers doing lots of different things on a weekly basis: some volunteer; some volunteer at younger sections (like a Cub Pack or a Beaver Colony) and some just attend their unit meetings to get away from the stress of exams. Whichever route you choose though, we can guarantee that adventure is heading your way!

Being an Explorer Scout means that you're not part of a Scout Group. You're part of an Explorer Unit and that means that you're part of something bigger. As an explorer, you're a member of a team of explorers from the local area (called the district). By 'the local area', we mean Hetton, Houghton and Washington. So being an explorer means that you're not only part of a unit, but you're part of a district.

Everyone loves adventure. We know that's a fact. Explorers is for adventure-seekers and for young people who are too old for scouts, but still want to get involved, meet some new friends and pursue adventure. Fun, Challenge and Adventure are three core aspects of Beavers. They're also three core aspects of Cubs. Funnily enough, they also appear as the core aspects of Scouts. Yep, you guessed it, Explorers is an extension of the fun, the challenge and the adventure that scouting offers.

Explorers are aged 14-18. We understand that between the ages of 14 and 18, you could well have already jumped the gap between education and a career so explorers is designed to ensure that exams come first. We completely understand that work comes first. Though, at the same time, explorers offers you a chance to relax for a few hours and get away from the stresses of the Haber Process! At the heart of explorers is you and we design our programme around you to ensure that you get the most out of Explorers as you possibly can.

In our district, there are 2 explorer units, with very different purposes, yet, adventure is at the heart of what they do. 'The Unit' is the unit which provides an opportunity for adventure on a whole new level to a scouts section. You can read more about the unit here. Secondly, there are other young people who wish to give up some of their time and lead adventure in another section as a volunteer. 'The Young Leaders' Unit' is the unit which provides training, support and events for our young leaders across the district. Find out more about the young leader unit here.