Game On!
Games are used by Leaders and Young Leaders on a regular basis to ease into activities and to conclude section meetings. Often, a section meeting will begin with a fast-paced game (preferably when everybody is always 'in' and no-one is excluded as 'out') to start the night. Then, the main activity will take place, and then towards the end of the night, a mental game - such as 'master' will be played, and then to finish off the night on a 'buzz' an elimination, fast-paced game will be played.

Often, Young Leaders are the game-makers and are responsible for making and running the games, so it's vital you have the confidence and knowledge in your own game to proceed.

If you're put on the spot, have you got a game to play? It's always good to have two emergency games in mind - one for when you've got space and possibly equipment, the other is an emergency game when you have no equipment and you're filing time (maybe you're out in Herrington Country Park with 20 beavers and your transport won't be here for 10 minutes, what do you do?!) so for example, 'Splat' is a game where you need nothing other than a few people and a little space. So, always have those emergency games in your mind!