Young Leader

Giving something back is something which makes you feel really good, and volunteering with a younger section (a Beaver Colony, a Cub pack or a Scout Troop) is great fun! The Young Leader Unit provides the initial training for Young Leaders to get you on your feet. After that, you’ll be working in a section in no time as the unit provides support in getting you volunteering in a section - should you want to. Then, once you’re volunteering, we’re still organising events, and helping you network to get the most out of your time volunteering.
Nationally, we're one of the fastest growing districts and it's partially down to our young people as a driving force behind the success. Becoming a Young Leader means that you'll be trained using some of the 'best training methods in the county'. After you're comfortable with leading young people, we support you in becoming a real-life volunteer at one of our sections - whichever one suits you best (we find real-life people are better volunteers than ghosts). Then, we ensure that you're happy wherever you're volunteering, all whilst helping you meet new people but staying in touch with the people that you may have left behind in scouts.

If you'd like more information on the young leader scheme, please email us at
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